Well House Circle welcome

Welcome to The Well House Circle – a new experience for all of us.  Let’s see what it can deliver.

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10 Responses to Well House Circle welcome

  1. Julian says:

    Congratulations on getting going.

  2. Simon C Jones says:

    In reading your blog Karin I can say I too have similar experiences, of walking with my wife through bluebell woods, across paths well trodden for probably millennia and being surprised by deer appearing suddenly or of rain falling on my face.

    My best walking is spent mindlessly, perhaps mindfully, wandering the landscape perceiving Nature in all weathers for her finest reminders of what actually happens every day regardless of our busy-ness. I look for the ‘hidden value’ to which I become awaken to, and usually not for the first time.

    • I like the open possibility of walking as mindful/mindless – sometimes I think the two come together and that’s the deeper relaxation or peace that can come from walking. Nice to read you here.

  3. Steve Capes says:


    Like the quote at the top of your page – it reminded me of another one I’ve heard recently re wells, but can’t recall it at the moment!

    But here’s another one for fun and thought:

    “When a needle falls into a deep well, many people will look into the well, but few will be ready to go down after it”.

    I walk and run in the countryside, hills and mountains – but do tend to use a map for many routes. I’ve had a go at some orienteering type explorations in the countryside, but they tend to feel a bit contrived and leave you feeling a bit manipulated by the course setter.

    A map can allow you to go further and explore more confidently knowing you can take a challenging route but also complete the day, or trip, successfully.

    Any thoughts anyone?!


    • Hi Steve, yes, I agree that a map does provide a support – if you can read it! I’m fairly useless and tend to stop a lot pondering where I am and what it means, which disrupts the experience for me. I’m sure others have other views – let’s see what comes back.

  4. Scott says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could all share our “best walks” – spread the word on where to go?

  5. Sophie Leek says:

    Just back from Scotland where there were several tempting walks but no time to take them!

  6. Charlotte Wylam says:

    I usually set off on a walk with NO clear idea of where I will go! That is part of the pleasure of going – to wander at will within a known area. I sympathise with your feeling more comfortable walking alone and directly from home – noone else to decide for me what I should look at or listen to and it seems to defeat the purpose to drive somewhere then walk. I find walking very meditative and have noticed that my stamina has increased with age. I recently walked for 7 hours in the mountains in Poland and, although my feet were tired at the end, I felt energised by the day.

    • Just returned to your comment from a walk in our known area where I thought I knew where I was going but still managed to get a little lost – as much as it’s possible to get lost around here. I did discover a wealth of new footpaths though, all basically leading to the same place – home! It was lovely with the golden grain getting ready to be harvested and clear skies giving long views after the rain this morning. Thanks for your comment.

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