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Cleo’s tale

I thought about writing something for the New Year about my resolutions, my hopes, my plans….but I just couldn’t focus.  Maybe I’ve been teased a little too much over this holiday about my blog, and I guess I feared the … Continue reading

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Icicles and Mysteries

  Trapped inside, feeling ambivalent about the frozen outside, I received a freeing gift.  A video clip came my way.  It gives a glimpse of a longer video made by Antonella Adorisio, called Mysterium, which she describes as: ‘A video that developed almost … Continue reading

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After the fairy tale ends, or No more cake!

I wrote this post and then thought it was self-indulgent, so decided to abandon it while driving to a new venue to run a workshop on leadership, change, motivation …  Then I arrived and there was no hot water, no … Continue reading

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