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Forget the perfect offering

 I have an image in my mind.  It is a salmon pink jug with a white interior, it’s that kind of ceramic glaze, the name of which I’ve forgotten, where you can see the little white lines very faintly when you stand close … Continue reading

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Uncloaking change

I was working with a group of teachers today and I shared with them one of my most favourite – perhaps my most favourite – maxims about change: Arnold Beisser’s ‘the paradoxical theory of change’. Beisser writes: ‘…change occurs when … Continue reading

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‘this oddly open, deceptive, treacherous, compassionate, quirky space that is the internet’

Someone whose blog I read has not been writing much recently.  When she wrote about how difficult she was finding it to write because she’s going through big life changes, interestingly there was a chorus of responses from others feeling … Continue reading

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