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The reed flute

‘You have a new subscriber to your blog.’ It could be anybody. When she first sees these words on her screen, she is unnerved.  Who is this person?  Are they well-intentioned?  Are they known to her or unknown?  Will they … Continue reading

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Riots and well-wishers

1  ‘A fish stinks/rots from the head down’.   That’s a quotation I’ve known for years.  The usual meaning is ‘when an organisation or state fails, it’s the leadership that is the root cause’.  Food for thought.   During the recent unexpected … Continue reading

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A sleight tale

‘I know you’re watching me.’   She typed the words onto the computer screen and stared at the flickering cursor, hesitating.  Should she save or delete?  Should it be a Facebook status comment, a Twitter update, or a post on her blog?  Or should it … Continue reading

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