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‘The Time Garden’

  ‘The garden was long and rectangular, and every bloom of June brightened its borders.  Fragrance hung on the air, birds sang, and from somewhere nearby came a drowsy, humming sound. ‘”The murmur of innumerable bees,” said Ann, who was … Continue reading

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Throw away your secrets, throw away yourself

‘Anything concealed is a secret. The possession of secrets acts like a psychic poison that alienates their possessor from the community. All personal secrets … have the effect of sin or guilt, whether or not they are, from the standpoint … Continue reading

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Testing, testing 1, 2, 3

What I love about a home concert is that the musicians just turn up, set up, have a quick rehearsal, and then they play.  There’s no testing, no sound checks, no fussing with equipment.  Everyone trusts each other to make it … Continue reading

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