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Dear World,

Dear World, Just a few words from me.  I’ve been busy and I haven’t felt like writing.  I’ve got a name for it – ‘noble tiredness’*** – though I stubbornly refused to acknowledge it.  No apology or explanation, but I’d like to … Continue reading

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In the shadow of a moment

— For Madhu and Viv Sometimes, in a life, there may be a single moment out of time, when a connection occurs that is breathtaking.  It leaves you speechless and you feel your will bows to something greater than itself. … Continue reading

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A birthday gift: a lesson in karma

I had the most unexpected and wonderful birthday gift arrive late on the evening of my birthday.  It was almost over, strictly speaking.  I am not a huge birthday person, I think it’s in my genes from my father.  Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Coming or going?

When you are going somewhere you love and you know it’s the last time, you look at it differently, with great care and attention.  You want to take it all in.  You want to imprint it on your mind’s eye so you … Continue reading

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Ego attack

Some people have panic attacks, asthma attacks, an attack of hay fever, even terrifyingly, heart attacks.  All people have ego attacks.   It’s the human condition, it’s unavoidable.  Sometimes life seems like one perpetual Ego Attack. These other ‘attacks’ tend to have a … Continue reading

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Testing, testing 1, 2, 3

What I love about a home concert is that the musicians just turn up, set up, have a quick rehearsal, and then they play.  There’s no testing, no sound checks, no fussing with equipment.  Everyone trusts each other to make it … Continue reading

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Relationships, freedom and berries

1 My friend told me a story the other day.  She said, what if you’re hungry and you know that red berries are easy to find, they will always be there? Blue berries are much rarer and more elusive. Maybe … Continue reading

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