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Icicles and Mysteries

  Trapped inside, feeling ambivalent about the frozen outside, I received a freeing gift.  A video clip came my way.  It gives a glimpse of a longer video made by Antonella Adorisio, called Mysterium, which she describes as: ‘A video that developed almost … Continue reading

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After the fairy tale ends, or No more cake!

I wrote this post and then thought it was self-indulgent, so decided to abandon it while driving to a new venue to run a workshop on leadership, change, motivation …  Then I arrived and there was no hot water, no … Continue reading

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HearthMusic Thanksgiving

  Sitting here staring into space, reflecting on the experiences of six home concerts over Thanksgiving week, that have been a long time coming.   Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday.  I like it because of the story behind it – … Continue reading

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Walking and talking with Betty

Last weekend I spent some time with my friend Betty in Shrewsbury.  Betty is 81 years old and she is an inspiring woman.  She has been an intrepid walker for years, and she continues to lead Betty’s Assault Course ScRambles (my … Continue reading

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Walking to hear the music

I recently went on what was for me a long walk in hilly Dorset – Hardy and Austen country.  The walk was led by John Jones of Oysterband, accompanied by the Reluctant Ramblers – musicians who support his solo work – and the rest of us, … Continue reading

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