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Dear World,

Dear World, Just a few words from me.  I’ve been busy and I haven’t felt like writing.  I’ve got a name for it – ‘noble tiredness’*** – though I stubbornly refused to acknowledge it.  No apology or explanation, but I’d like to … Continue reading

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A birthday gift: a lesson in karma

I had the most unexpected and wonderful birthday gift arrive late on the evening of my birthday.  It was almost over, strictly speaking.  I am not a huge birthday person, I think it’s in my genes from my father.  Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Throw away your secrets, throw away yourself

‘Anything concealed is a secret. The possession of secrets acts like a psychic poison that alienates their possessor from the community. All personal secrets … have the effect of sin or guilt, whether or not they are, from the standpoint … Continue reading

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Testing, testing 1, 2, 3

What I love about a home concert is that the musicians just turn up, set up, have a quick rehearsal, and then they play.  There’s no testing, no sound checks, no fussing with equipment.  Everyone trusts each other to make it … Continue reading

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The edge

The other day I left my house late for a meeting, I had got the time wrong.  There are two routes to the main road.  One of them is along country roads with a lovely descent from a high point … Continue reading

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Fish or fowl?

Which group would you rather be in – and why? Or this one? And yes, ‘neither’ is an option!  But if you choose the third option, do say why and what might work for you instead.   And no, this … Continue reading

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Three green parrots

My first day in LA – I stepped out the door in blazing sunshine, and a green parrot flew over me.  I did a doubletake, was this just the blurred vision of jet lag meeting David Hockneyesque harsh stark sun?  … Continue reading

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Cleo’s tale

I thought about writing something for the New Year about my resolutions, my hopes, my plans….but I just couldn’t focus.  Maybe I’ve been teased a little too much over this holiday about my blog, and I guess I feared the … Continue reading

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A stroke of insight – the space within

Some of your comments on Special Places were about home being your special place, and Madhu posed an intriguing question: ‘The space within, is comfortable and serene…..but I do wonder what this really means?’   This question lingered and reverberated in my thoughts. … Continue reading

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Well House Circle welcome

Welcome to The Well House Circle – a new experience for all of us.  Let’s see what it can deliver.

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