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In a right place

I experienced my first Facebook bereavement the other week.  It was quite shocking.  A man who had written some interesting comments on posts – not just mine – had been quiet for a few weeks, and I suddenly felt prompted … Continue reading

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I often go for a walk with my cat.  Well, she isn’t really there, but I can see her in my mind’s eye vividly on my right – she’s always on my right – and she moves with her usual … Continue reading

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An instinctive smile

‘The musicians sat in a relaxed circle just in front of the audience…I looked around and it seemed that the entire audience was smiling…The kind of instinctive smile that says everything is just too perfect for words.’ – Review of … Continue reading

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I walk down the street

Autobiography in five chapters by Portia Nelson I I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost … I am helpless. It isn’t my fault. It takes me forever to … Continue reading

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Forget the perfect offering

 I have an image in my mind.  It is a salmon pink jug with a white interior, it’s that kind of ceramic glaze, the name of which I’ve forgotten, where you can see the little white lines very faintly when you stand close … Continue reading

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A rougher ride

Last week I went on a couple days’ walk to hear the music again.  Once again led by John Jones of Oysterband and his Reluctant Ramblers, though this time was different: the winds were much stronger, the views panoramic, the walking tougher.  … Continue reading

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Special places

There are so many places you can stumble across in London that have a special feel to them.  If you are in a rush, then it is easy to note the special feel and just press on.  But if you have … Continue reading

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Walking and talking with Betty

Last weekend I spent some time with my friend Betty in Shrewsbury.  Betty is 81 years old and she is an inspiring woman.  She has been an intrepid walker for years, and she continues to lead Betty’s Assault Course ScRambles (my … Continue reading

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Walking to hear the music

I recently went on what was for me a long walk in hilly Dorset – Hardy and Austen country.  The walk was led by John Jones of Oysterband, accompanied by the Reluctant Ramblers – musicians who support his solo work – and the rest of us, … Continue reading

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An easy walk

When you walk, do you wander or do you follow a prescribed route?    I like discovering new walks and become very fond of particular known walks.  I don’t at all mind doing the same walks over and over, and … Continue reading

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